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Just for clicks?

Going online today is like visiting the largest and most diverse library you could imagine, our “universe of information”. And as everyone can publish anything to this library, we -as readers- are increasingly forced to decide on our own if we can trust the things we read online.

Demand The Source empowers all readers to share their praise and critique of the content they read online. We structure your feedback and build a free point-of-reference for anyone to use when determining if they can trust what they are reading.

How does it work?

By installing the plug-in our wizard will become available in the top right of your browser. Click him at any time to:

  • Cast your vote of trust or distrust to any page online
  • View the amount of votes on the page you are reading
  • Check the Feed of Trust to see what other users engage with
  • More coming, what features would help you judge trustworthiness online?

Our Goals

Our goal is to empower all readers to critique what they read online, when they read it; to build a point-of-reference for any page online- free for anyone to use.

Feedback to the publishers

In a publishing industry obsessed with clicks and ads we want take a step back and ask you if you trust what you read. By doing this we want to give publishers feedback about what we as readers think, a business metric that cannot be measured in clicks.

Set the agenda

Set the agenda by raising the attention of the community to something you’ve read and get more people to weigh in.

Our Values

When we started defining Demand The Source we established our values, and they have kept us on the right path. We think it’s important to share them with you to give you insight into what you can expect from us:

  • Critical thinking

    Asking questions to establish what’s trustworthy.
    "If your mother says she loves you.. check it out."

  • Collaboration

    Using our collective power to achieve a common goal.
    "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

  • Knowledge

    Being humble and open to new information and ideas.
    "I know that I know nothing"

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